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Chris Bina

Assistant Director Chris Bina

Rear Admiral (RADM) Chris Bina is the Assistant Director for the Health Services Division. RADM Bina began his career with the Bureau of Prisons as a pharmacy student intern in 1991 at FCI Sheridan (OR). He assumed positions of increasing responsibility at FCI Sheridan and at the USMCFP Springfield (MO). In October 2000, RADM Bina was selected as Director of Pharmacy Programs in Central Office. In November 2015, he became Senior Deputy Assistant Director of the Health Services Division.

RADM Bina assumed his current position as the Assistant Director of the Health Services Division, in January 2023. In that capacity, he oversees the Bureau's delivery of Health Services; Food Services; Safety and Environmental Health; and Employee and Occupational Health. Approximately 6,000 employees nationwide provide inmates with dental care, psychiatric care, healthcare delivery, infectious disease management, and the provision of nutritional and specialty meals. This staff also provide medical designations, healthcare technology services and health data analytics, occupational safety, environmental compliance, fire protection, occupational health, worker's compensation, healthcare staffing and U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps Officer recruitment.

RADM Bina is a licensed pharmacist, having received both his Bachelor of Science and Doctorate in Pharmacy. RADM Bina is a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Public Health Service and has been a rear admiral since 2012. He was promoted to RADM (Upper Half (O-8), 2-Star Admiral) in October 2016 by the U.S. Surgeon General and U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health. This rank also carries the title of U.S. Assistant Surgeon General.