Solicitations & Awards

To maximize competition when purchasing services and supplies we:

  • notify interested vendors registered in the System for Award Management at;
  • display a copy of the solicitation information pertinent to the requirement at the contracting office; and
  • place notices of planned acquisitions on the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website (

Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) is an electronic method of supplying information about current and prospective opportunities.

All Federal agencies are required to post business-related items exceeding $25,000 to FBO ( This website, maintained by the General Services Administration, is the most comprehensive and effective method for publicizing information and solicitations in order to receive responses from prospective contractors.

Acquisition information is publicized solely through FBO; therefore, companies wishing to do business with the Federal Bureau of Prisons (Bureau) are strongly encouraged to become familiar with the website and register for notifications in their area of expertise.

What is posted to the FBO website?

  • requests for information
  • notices of proposed government purchases exceeding $25,000
  • subcontracting leads
  • contract awards
  • sales of surplus property
  • foreign business opportunities
  • purchases that are to be made exclusively from small businesses

Faith-based and community organizations have the right to submit offers/bids equally with other organizations for contracts for which they are eligible. All parties should check the contract announcements mentioned above for eligibility.

The most up-to-date information about Bureau acquisitions exceeding $25,000 are maintained on FBO–interested parties are responsible for monitoring FBO for current acquisition information and documents.

Vendors interested in learning how to navigate FBO can access the FBO.GOV Vendors Guide for assistance. Please read the FBO.GOV Vendor Guide before attempting to search for Bureau's solicitations.