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Congressional and Public Affairs

The Office of Congressional and Public Affairs works closely with the Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons to ensure that formal communications accurately reflect the Bureau's philosophy and positions, and that they most effectively convey the Bureau's message. The Office is responsible for working with Congress, and the D.C. Council, to respond to inquiries and provide information to Members about programs, services and Bureau operations. The Office analyzes legislation, tracks statutory changes and prepares Bureau officials to testify before Congress. Additionally, the Office is responsible for the Bureau's public and media relations, as well as content management oversight of the Bureau's public website, in order to provide a wide range of public information to external agency stakeholders.

Kristie Breshears

Kristie Breshears
Director of Communications & Government Relations

Kristie Breshears

David Mapp
Chief, Office of Legislative Affairs

Kristie Breshears

Carl Bailey
Chief, Office of
Public Affairs

Resources For Media Representatives

We must ensure the privacy and rights of both adults in custody and employees are protected; and the orderly and safe operation of the prison is maintained. However, we believe it's important for the public to be informed about the Bureau's operations. Therefore, under regulated conditions, qualified media representatives may visit institutions to gather information about programs and activities or to conduct interviews. For detailed information, please refer to our official policy below.

News Media Contacts News Media

BOP Policy

Contact Us

For general issues related to the agency, please contact the FBOP's Public Information Office:

Phone: 202-514-6551

David Mapp, Chief, Office of Legislative Affairs

Carl Bailey, Chief, Office of Public Affairs

For questions about a specific federal prison, please contact that facility and ask to speak with their Public Information Officer.