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A smart approach to management.

Our continuous achievements are the strongest measure of our success.

We take a strategic planning approach to managing our agency. Strategic planning is driven by our mission and vision statements, which are supported by seven broad correctional goals, each of which, in turn, is supported by specific objectives. The BOP's Executive Team holds regular planning sessions to ensure that the agency's strategic goals continue to address the major issues and challenges that face the agency both today and into the future.

National Strategic
Planning Goals

Actively pursue relationships with public and private stakeholders, victims, and those incarcerated to develop resource networks in support of the seamless reintegration of those in our care and custody.

Appropriately care for and house those in our custody such that recidivism and the use of restrictive housing is reduced.

Bureau operates as a high quality, cost-effective, and innovative health care system.

Develop environments which better mirror our communities.

Maintain, repair, and modernize infrastructure and advance technology so we can identify, prioritize, and complete initiatives in support of the agency's mission.

Recruit, train, retain, and ensure the well-being of a competent and diverse workforce of professionals who work in corrections and who are ready to meet the current and future needs of the Bureau.

Review and analyze data to inform evidence-based decisions that will be used to improve agency operations, policies and procedures across all disciplines.