Andrew Henry Leonard

Andrew Henry Leonard
Andrew Henry Leonard, a 52 year-old Spanish American War veteran and BOP Captain, died at USP Leavenworth on November 14, 1922.

As a young officer in 1901, Captain Leonard was involved in ending the inmate uprising in which Officer Joseph B. Waldrupe was killed. Twenty-one years later he would also have an untimely death.

On November 14, 1922, inmate Joe Martinez was working, shoveling coal into the powerhouse when an officer arrived to escort the inmate to B-Cell house for a haircut. Upon entering the cell house, inmate Martinez did not remove his cap until ordered to do so by another officer. The inmate barber asked inmate Martinez to clean his face. Martinez did not comply and turned to walk out of the cell house. The inmate barber warned the officers that inmate Martinez had a knife. As three officers began to pat search the inmate, Martinez drew his weapon. The inmate stabbed one officer in the right shoulder, one in the left shoulder, and the third in the chest. The sharp metal weapon stopped short of penetrating the heart of one of the officers.

Captain Leonard had been in route to the east gate to release the outside work details when he was informed by an inmate that Martinez had stabbed the officers. An officer who was working in the basement of the kitchen joined Captain Leonard in search of inmate Martinez. The inmate was located directly in front of the powerhouse in 2-gang alley. Armed with clubs, Captain Leonard and the accompanying officer attempted to subdue the inmate, who climbed to the top of a coal pile with Captain Leonard in pursuit. When Captain Leonard slipped and fell forward, the inmate stabbed him in the chest, striking him in the heart and killing him instantly. Inmate Martinez then stabbed the officer in the stomach, almost disemboweling him.

When the Deputy Warden arrived on the scene with a revolver, inmate Martinez chased him onto the top of a coal car, but the Deputy Warden managed to gain the advantage over the inmate. Martinez promised to drop his weapon and submit to capture, so both climbed down from the coal car. As the Deputy Warden attempted to take the inmate into custody, Martinez lunged at him. Another officer who had just arrived hit inmate Martinez in the head with a large chunk of coal, fracturing the assailant's head. Despite this, inmate Martinez attempted to stab the officer. Another officer shot the inmate twice once in the knee and once in the stomach.

Injured, inmate Martinez still managed to escape into the powerhouse and hid behind a coal pile. Two inmates finally managed to capture the inmate without further incident. Inmate Joe Martinez who was a Mexican bullfighter by trade and was said to be an expert knife-thrower, finally died from his injuries on November 29, 1922.

While the other men survived, Captain Leonard succumbed to his injuries. He was survived by his wife and three children.

Andrew Henry Leonard is listed in the National Law Enforcement Memorial on Panel 3, E-1. He is buried at Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery Section A grave 1772. Andrew, you will never be forgotten.