Janice R. Hylen

Janice R. Hylen
Janice R. Hylen, a Contract Dietician, died at USP Atlanta on November 21, 1979.

Janice R. Hylen was a dietary consultant employed by a BOP contractor. As part of her job, she visited USP Atlanta on a regular basis to assist with the planning of special diets. On November 21, 1979, Ms. Hylen was on duty at the institution, interviewing inmates with dietary problems and completing paperwork to develop special diets for them.

She was working in a room near the hospital library when inmate Robert Hogan passed by and saw that she was alone. He entered the room, then viciously attacked and brutally murdered Ms. Hylen. Inmate Hogan later admitted to having previously intended to kill a female staff member, but no opportunity had presented itself. At the time of Ms. Hylen's death, Hogan was serving a 15-year sentence for threat through the mail and sodomy.

After a brief stay at FCI Butner, inmate Hogan was transferred to USP Marion, where he later died (in June 1980), killed by another inmate. Hoganís murderer suggested that Hogan was killed because he bragged about killing two women; however, USP Marion staff believed the killing to be gang-related.

Janice, you will never be forgotten.