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Program Review Division

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The Program Review Division (PRD) was created in 1988 to establish a self-monitoring system that provides oversight of BOP program performance and compliance. Oversight involves monitoring specific program areas, conducting risk assessments for the purpose of creating review guidelines, and analyzing program performance trends and other data to achieve continuous program improvement.

The Division conducts reviews of all Bureau programs. These reviews examine compliance with laws, rules, regulations, and policy. In addition, they examine the adequacy of controls, efficiency of operations, and effectiveness in achieving program results. The BOP subjects each of its programs to a thorough examination by organizationally independent, trained reviewers, who are specialists in the areas being examined.

The Division provides analysis of specific program performance and Bureau-wide patterns and trends and serves as liaison with external audit agencies, such as the General Accounting Office and the Office of the Inspector General. On-site monitorings of contract facilities are conducted on an annual basis, with the exception of newly activated contract facilities.

PRD facilitates, monitors, and evaluates the BOP's implementation of the Federal Managers' Integrity Act by coordinating management assessments, thereby providing a quality assurance mechanism for the program review process. It is responsible for overseeing the BOP's strategic management function and provides program management in the area of American Correctional Association accreditation. The Equal Employment Office (EEO) within PRD provides oversight for the processing of EEO complaints and the agency's alternative dispute resolution program. The Affirmative Employment Programs Branch is responsible for the effectiveness and efficiency of the BOP's affirmative employment and diversity management program. In conjunction, the EEO and Affirmative Employment Programs Branches within PRD promote an agency culture of inclusion.