Correctional Programs Division

The Correctional Programs Division (CPD), overseen by , develops activities and programs designed to appropriately classify inmates, eliminate inmate idleness, and develop the skills necessary to facilitate the successful reintegration of inmates into their communities upon release. The division coordinates the BOP's Victim and Witness Notification Program, ensures the collection of court-ordered obligations through the Inmate Financial Responsibility Program, and reviews inmates for civil commitments as sexually dangerous persons.

CPD also provides national policy direction and daily operational oversight of institution correctional services; the monitoring of contract compliance at secure privatized prisons; intelligence gathering; the management of inmates placed in the Federal Witness Security Program; inmate transportation; receiving and discharge, inmate sentencing computations, and the processing of inmate mail; case management; privatization management efforts; emergency preparedness; inmate discipline; and the coordination of treaty transfer inmates with other countries.