Charles E. Samuels, Jr.

Director Charles E. Samuels, Jr.

Charles E. Samuels, Jr., was appointed Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons on December 21, 2011. He is a career public administrator in the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the eighth Director since its establishment in 1930. He is responsible for the oversight and management of the Bureau of Prisons which employs more than 39,000 staff and confines over 200,000 inmates under the agency's jurisdiction.

Director Samuels is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. He received his B.A. in Criminal Justice in 1987 from the University of Alabama (Birmingham) and in 2012 he received their Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award. In addition, he completed the Harvard University Executive Education Program for senior managers in government in August 2007. Director Samuels joined the ranks of the Senior Executive Service in June 2006.

Director Samuels began his career with the Bureau as a Correctional Officer in March 1988. Subsequently, he was selected for positions of increasing responsibility, including Case Manager trainee at FCI Talladega (AL), Case Manager at USP Atlanta (GA), Community Corrections trainee and Community Corrections Oversight Specialist at FCI Phoenix (AZ), Unit Manager at FCI Dublin (CA), Program Review Division Examiner in Central Office, and Regional Correctional Programs Administrator and Executive Assistant for the Northeast Region. Mr. Samuels has served as Associate Warden at FCIs Otisville (NY) and Beckley (WV), Ombudsman in Central Office, and Warden at FCIs Manchester (KY) and Fort Dix (NJ), prior to being named Senior Deputy Assistant Director of the Correctional Programs Division (CPD). He was selected Assistant Director of CPD in January 2011, where he oversaw all inmate management and program functions, including intelligence and counterterrorism initiatives, female offender issues, security and emergency planning, privatization, sex offender management, drug treatment, designations, inmate transportation, case management, mental health, religious services and residential reentry services. Director Samuels was also responsible for enhancing the agency’s reentry initiatives.