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Religious Programs

Regligious Programs

The Chaplaincy Services Branch ensures the Constitutional religious rights of inmates. Chaplains facilitate religious worship and sacred scriptural studies across faith lines in addition to providing pastoral care, spiritual guidance, and counseling. Religious programming is led by agency chaplains, contracted spiritual leaders, and trained community volunteers. In support to BOP policy, inmates may participate in religious observances and holy days; wear religious items; and have access to religious materials.

The Life Connections Program (LCP) and Threshold Programs offer inmates the opportunity to improve critical life areas within the context of their personal faith or value system. LCP is a multi-faith residential reentry program that is available at five sites across the country at low, medium, and high security levels. It is an intensive, multi-phase program which instills values and character through a curriculum of personal, social and moral development. The LCP program utilizes various faith communities nationwide who serve as support group facilitators or mentors at program sites and release destinations to enhance community reintegration. Reentry preparation for inmates not eligible for the residential LCP is also offered through the Threshold program that also seeks to strengthen inmate community reentry. Threshold is a non-residential condensed version of LCP that is active in institutions throughout the agency.

Learn more about the LCP or Threshold Program by watching the following training video:

Becoming a volunteer mentor in the BOP's faith-based reentry program