World-class correctional instruction.

BOP staff receive training at the National Corrections Academy and the Staff Training Academy.

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National Corrections Academy

Located in Aurora, CO, the National Corrections Academy houses both the Management and Specialty Training Center (MSTC) and the National Institute of Corrections' (NIC) Academy and Information Center.

Management and Specialty Training Center
MSTC provides specialized training to help staff acquire and maintain subject-matter expertise in their functional areas. The MSTC recognizes that staff development and leadership training are critical for both individual and agency success. Managers and staff in specialty disciplines face complex challenges in today's environment, and it is the goal of the MSTC to provide training and staff development opportunities for Bureau staff that will facilitate their becoming leaders in their fields. The MSTC's ongoing distance learning initiative and computer-based training have ensured continued provision of quality training, while reducing costs.
NIC Academy and Information Center
NIC concentrates on management and leadership training, and building training capacity within corrections systems. NIC's Academy provides training, technical assistance, information services and policy/program development assistance to Federal, state, and local corrections agencies. The Information Center provides individualized research assistance and disseminates documents and videos they develop. NIC�s Corrections Specialists are available to assist practitioners, including Bureau staff, to locate information dealing with correctional policies, programs, operations and training by accessing NIC�s specialized library, as well as a variety of databases and information networks across the country.

Staff Training Academy (STA)

The Staff Training Academy (STA) is located at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), in Glynco, GA. The Bureau of Prisons is one of more than 75 Federal law enforcement agencies currently offering training at FLETC. The STA offers a three-week in-residence course of instruction called "Introduction to Correctional Techniques" (ICT). Attendance at this course is required for all new institution employees within 60 days of joining the BOP. The Academy also offers instruction in advanced correctional speciality techniques, including Bus Operations, Marksman Observer, and Witness Security. The Legal Training and Review Division provides specialized legal instruction to the Bureau's legal staff.

For more information, please visit the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center website.