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Prison Safety

How do we assess the relative safety of our institutions?

  • We review Chronological Disciplinary Records (CDR), which includes information such as:
    • Serious assaults involving serious physical injury or threat of serious injury (Prohibited Act 101)
    • Less serious assaults (Prohibited Act 224)
  • We look at the number of assaults that occur per 5,000 inmates - known as the "rate of assaults."
  • We look at these numbers throughout different points in time to eliminate any correlation between the rate of assaults and the size of the inmate population.

This data can be accessed by the public below.

Statistics From:

How to interpret the data

Monthly Charts (PDF Documents)

The blue line in the charts represents the rates of assaults per 5,000 inmates.

The green line represents the counts (or numbers) of assaults.

Raw Data (XSL Documents) - available from year 2009 and earlier

Please refer to the data extract's Data Dictionary