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Attorney General Swears in Colette S. Peters

Director Peters is twelfth to lead the agency

Attorney General Swears in Colette S. Peters

(BOP) - On Tuesday morning, August 2, 2022, Attorney General Garland officiated the Investiture of Colette S. Peters as the 12th Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. In his opening remarks, the Attorney General said the mission of the Department of Justice is to "uphold the rule of law, keep our country safe and protect civil rights. And that mission depends on an effective, safe and humane correctional system." As the nation's largest correctional agency, he noted, the Bureau has a "unique charge to protect the public, to ensure its facilities are safe and secure, and to prepare incarcerated persons for successful reentry. At the same time, it must maintain a safe and secure work environment for the correctional staff dedicated to its mission."

Commenting on Director Peters experience and qualifications, the Attorney General stated she led the Oregon Department of Corrections for 10 years and was "instrumental to reforms there, including efforts to prioritize employee health and wellness, modernize custodial practices, and humanize correctional environments." Noting that every day Bureau staff "in facilities throughout the country do difficult and often dangerous work" and "sacrifice time with their families and loved service of the rule of law," Attorney General Garland shared that he knows Director Peters "will work tirelessly to ensure that staffing in our facilities is at adequate levels, and that personnel have the resources they need to do their jobs."