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DC Reentry Navigator

(BOP) - The Federal Bureau of Prisons (Bureau) is pleased to announce the release of The D.C. Reentry Navigator, Empowering You to Succeed with a D.C. Criminal Record (DC Reentry Navigator). In collaboration with the District of Columbia's (DC) Public Defender Service Office, this publication was made available for distribution nationwide to Bureau institutions housing DC inmates. All DC inmates with less than 10 years remaining on their sentence will be provided a copy.

The DC Reentry Navigator is a 900-page book filled with reentry resources for those with an arrest, conviction, and/or incarceration under the District of Columbia's criminal justice system. It provides resources and tools to assist returning citizens in overcoming obstacles they will face as a result of their imprisonment. The book is intended to educate, support, and empower affected individuals to take an active role in their reentry preparation. Information expands a wide range of topics including preparing for release from incarceration; succeeding while on supervision; accessing public benefits such as, healthcare, housing, employment, and education; utilizing technology and transportation; obtaining personal records and managing personal finances; building family ties; understanding legal protections and rights, registering to vote, and resuming an active civic life style.

The Bureau's Reentry Services Division worked closely with other divisions within the agency, and with the DC Public Defender Service Office, to provide relevant and accurate information in Chapter One: Preparing for Release from the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). The chapter features a checklist of things to do and consider, along with information on "Making the Most of BOP Programs." Additional topics include: Learn How You May Be Able to Reduce Your Time in Prison, Request and Obtain Important Identity Documents, Start the Process of Applying for Public Benefits, Learn About Voting, and Create a Release Plan.

A link to the DC Reentry Navigator is available on this website under "Resources for Former Inmates" and on the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia's website.