FSA Update

BOP publishes list of approved programs and activities for earning FSA time credits

FSA Update

(BOP) -

The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) continues to make significant progress towards the successful implementation of the First Step Act (FSA). Following the completion of an initial risk and needs assessment for all inmates as required by the First Step Act, the BOP is continuing its work on improving its needs assessment system.

In order to determine the list of approved Evidence-based Recidivism Reduction (EBRR) programs and Productive Activities (PAs), the BOP, in consultation with the Department of Justice and National Institute of Justice, reviewed all programs currently offered at BOP facilities to determine which ones would qualify as evidence-based, and/or a productive activity in accordance with the standards defined in the FSA.

The result of this review is an initial list of approved EBRR programs and PAs. More programs will be evaluated and approved for inclusion on an ongoing basis. The BOP has engaged the services of the MITRE Corporation to assist the agency in evaluating additional programs from outside sources and developing a framework for submission so that all programs can be thoroughly and equitably evaluated. In the very near future, BOP will publish information on how stakeholders may submit their programs for consideration to be included as EBRR programs or PAs.

The BOP's next tasks in relation to the FSA include development and implementation of the enhanced Needs Assessment system and the expansion of available programming. The BOP has published a Request for Information to obtain feedback and input on this phase of the FSA and provide updates on its progress in this area in the near future.

More information on the BOP's FSA work is available at https://www.bop.gov/inmates/fsa/.