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Obtaining Your GED Information

The BOP does not provide GED transcripts or duplicate certificates post-release. To learn how you can obtain this information, please make a selection below.


Our agency does not keep copies of GED transcripts after a person releases from BOP, so we cannot provide these documents post-release.

The GED Testing Service® archives each "Official Transcript of GED Test Results" for all former inmates who took the GED test while in BOP custody. To obtain your transcript, please go to their website and follow their instructions:

GED Transcript Request Form


Do not contact or send GED transcript requests to the BOP's GED Administrator.

Transcripts are held by different organizations based on where the test was administered. Call the GED´┐Ż testing center where you took the test for more information. Locate a GED testing center .

If you have a question, please contact the current GED Administrator for the state or jurisdiction where the GED test was administered.

Duplicate Certificate

The BOP does not issue GED certificates, they are issued by states and territories.

To request a duplicate certificate, please locate the state listed in your GED transcript and contact the state GED Administrator directly in the Contact a GED Administrator link below. If you do not have a copy of the GED transcript, please submit a request using the GED Transcript Request Form link on this screen.

Contact a GED Administrator