First Step Act

The First Step Act (FSA) is significant bi-partisan legislation promoting criminal justice reform.
The FSA will transform the operations and processes of federal corrections and reentry for many years to come.

Reduction in Recidivism

A new risk and needs assessment system will be developed to assess the recidivism risk and identify the criminogenic reducing needs of all federal prisoners and be used to assign inmates to programs and evidence-based recidivism productive activities.

Incentives For Success

Inmates can earn incentives and eligible inmates can earn time credits for completion of recidivism reducing programs, and other productive activities.


Inmates are placed in facilities closer to their home, and the BOP has expanded opportunities for placement in home confinement.

Correctional Reforms

Enhanced correctional procedures, access to medication assisted treatment, and other criminal justice-related provisions.

Sentencing Reforms

The safety valve applicable to mandatory minimum sentences has been expanded and the Fair Sentencing Act is retroactive.


Statistics will be collected and analyzed, additional standards will be developed, and programs and the risk and needs assessment system will be evaluated periodically to ensure effectiveness.

FSA Numbers

Fair Sentencing / Retroactive Sentence Reductions

Orders Granted

Ready to Work Initiative

Contacts to BOP have been made

Volunteer Participation

Increase in volunteers since December 2018

Elderly Offender Home Confinement

(299 are on Home Confinement)

Compassionate Releases / Reduction in Sentences


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The First Step Act

Public Law 115-391

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Risk & Needs Assessment System

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Submit proven programs to reduce recidivism through the FSA External Program Review process.

If you have an evidence-based recidivism reducing program you'd like to propose to BOP, you can submit it for consideration to be used in the Bureau of Prisons. Each program submission will be independently reviewed by social research scientists from an external organization to determine if evidence of recidivism reduction is observed and other BOP-relevant criteria are met.

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