Inmate COVID-19 Data

A look at the impact of COVID-19 on individuals in federal custody as of .

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About the Data

Updates to this webpage are posted nightly around 2:00AM EST using an automated process. The statistics displayed above were taken from a data snapshot that was created on . Our data sets come from multiple sources and may be keyed in at various times throughout the day; therefore, the numbers should not be considered authoritative for any legal or scientific purposes. The numbers in the table reflect inmates that have completed both doses (fully inoculated) and do not include any additional booster shots given. Additionally, "Total Cases" includes COVID-19 related deaths and "Open Cases" refers to positive confirmed lab results. The inmate totals listed do not include inmates participating in the Federal Location Monitoring program, inmates supervised under the USPO, inmates in state facilities/jails or federal Residential Reentry Centers, or inmates on home confinement. If you have additional questions about this page, please contact our agency