Robert L. Hoffmann

Robert L. Hoffmann
Robert L. Hoffmann, a Senior Officer Specialist at USP Marion, died on October 22, 1983.

On October 22, 1983, at about 8:30 p.m., Officer Robert L. Hoffmann was assigned to the Control Unit (H unit), when he observed two officers under assault. Inmate Clayton Fountain was being returned to his cell when he broke free, obtained a knife from another inmate, and started to attack the two officers. Officer Hoffmann left a safe area to render assistance, then was repeatedly stabbed by inmate Fountain. Two other staff members were injured before the inmate was restrained. Except for Officer Hoffmann, the other staff victims survived their serious injuries.

While it is believed that inmate Fountain was inspired by the killing of Officer Merle E. Clutts earlier that same day in the same unit, this murder was determined to be unrelated.

At the time of his attack on Officer Hoffmann, inmate Fountain was a military prisoner (U.S. Navy) serving two life sentences for murder. He was responsible for 5 deaths during the 10 years he had been incarcerated, and 4 deaths (including Officer Hoffmann's) while in Bureau custody. Inmate Fountain received a life sentence and died at MCFP Springfield on July 12, 2004.

Robert L. Hoffmann is listed in the National Law Enforcement Memorial on Panel 58, W-17 . Robert, you will never be forgotten.