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You May Not Need to Make a FOIA Request! You may be able to access the information you require via the World Wide Web without making a FOIA request. Many documents are available on the Bureau of Prisons' or other websites. Also, frequently requested information is available electronically in our FOIA Library.

If you have visited the FOIA Library and were not able to find the information you are looking for, you may need to make a FOIA request. Please follow the guidelines below so we can respond to your request as quickly as possible.

Do not use this form if you are seeking non public information on an individual. Requests for information on an individual must be accompanied by an authorization and submitted via mail. For more information on seeking non-public information on an individual please see the FAQ

Electronic FOIA Request Form



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I request that a copy of the following documents/information be provided to me:


To help us determine your fee status, check ONE of the following requestor categories:

an individual seeking information for personal use
affiliated with a private corporation and seeking information for use in the company's business
affiliated with an educational institution and seeking information for a scholarly purpose
affiliated with a noncommercial scientific institution and seeking information for a scientific purpose
a representative of the news media seeking information as part of a news gathering effort (if media, please identify organization with which you are affiliated: )


I request expedited processing of my request and have described in detail why I believe my request warrants it:

no compelling need exists to warrant expedited processing of this request
an imminent threat to the life or physical safety of an individual exists
an urgency to inform the public concerning actual or alleged Federal Government activity exists (this option available ONLY for requestors primarily engaged in disseminating information)

Please describe your justification for expedited processing.


I am willing to pay $ or in search, duplication, and processing fees to receive records responsive to this request. If I agree to fees, I understand that I will be notified before fees are incurred ONLY where fees apply and are expected to exceed the amount I have indicated.

Payment must be made via check or money order, payable to the Treasury of the United States.


The Freedom of Information Reform Act of 1986 provides that documents are to be furnished without any charge or at a charge reduced below the fees established if disclosure of the information is in the public interest because it is likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of the operations or activities of the Government and is not primarily in the commercial interest of the requestor.

To evaluate whether the statutory standard authorizing a fee waiver or reduction has been met, we will need additional information upon which to base our determination. If you would like to request a fee waiver, please provide additional information as justification for a fee waiver and/or reduction in fees:

Your FOIA request has been sent. Thank you for your interest, you should receive a response shortly.

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