BOP COVID-19 Statistics

This page is intended to provide further transparency to our stakeholders about COVID-19 in the Federal Bureau of Prisons by providing additional statistic viewing options to enhance specific needs. The data sets come from multiple sources and may be updated at various times during the day and, therefore, should not be considered authoritative data for any legal or scientific purpose. For questions about the data not covered at the bottom of this page or on the BOP COVID-19 statistics and resources page, please contact our agency.


About the Data

Modified Operational Levels

Data, including the medical isolation rate, facility vaccination rate, and community transmission rate, is collected from the facilities and other data sources daily, and is calculated at 4:00pm EST. Calculations are performed by the Health Services Administrator and other staff, who change the levels up or down after 48 hours of respective sustained increases or decreases. If a change is warranted, operations will be modified by 8:00am (local time) the next day and the public will be notified through the Bureau's public website: Learn more about how the levels are determined, and how daily operations are affected, by visiting the BOP COVID-19 Operational Levels page.

COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation

BOP remains committed to making the vaccine available to all staff and inmates who wish to receive it. Both staff and inmates were afforded an opportunity to receive the vaccine when it was first available. In particular, vaccinating staff protects fellow staff, inmates at the facility, and the community. Vaccine doses are available at each location for newly-admitted and existing inmates. Inmates have also been offered booster shots in accordance with CDC guidance.

The information in this area of the resource page is updated each weekday at 3:00pm EDT. It is compiled from a variety of sources and reviewed by BOP Health Services staff before documented for reporting. The numbers in the table only reflect staff and inmates that have completed both doses (fully inoculated). The figures do not include any additional booster shots given. Staff who received their vaccination in the community rather than a BOP facility are not reflected in the numbers.

COVID-19 Cases

Due to the rapidly evolving nature of this public health crisis, the BOP will update the open COVID-19 confirmed positive test numbers, recoveries, and the number of COVID-19 related deaths each weekday at 3:00 p.m. The positive test numbers are based on the most recently available confirmed lab results involving open cases from across the agency as reported by the BOP's Office of Occupational Safety and Health at 11:00 a.m. each day. BOP field sites may report additional updates throughout the day. Data is subject to change based on additional reporting. Note: reported staff deaths have been determined to be work-related as defined by 29 CFR 1904 (OSHA Recordkeeping standard). As such, they have been recorded on the respective institution's OSHA 300 injury and illness log as a work-related fatality.

The BOP tests inmates in accordance with CDC guidance. The BOP utilizes this information for the management of an outbreak at the relevant, affected facility.

The inmate totals listed do not include inmates participating in the Federal Location Monitoring program, inmates supervised under the USPO, or being held in state facilities/jails. References to RRCs include both individuals housed at the RRC and individuals on home confinement under the RRC's supervision.

COVID-19 Inmate Test Information

These data are compiled from a variety of sources and reviewed by BOP Health Services staff before documented for reporting. Not all tests are conducted by and/or reported to BOP. The number of positive tests at a facility is not equal to the number of cases, as one person may be tested more than once. The number of tests recorded per site reflects the number of persons currently at the specific facility who have been tested, whether at that site or at a prior facility. While this data reflects testing for inmates currently in BOP custody, it is important to note that the BOP has conducted over 1 million COVID-19 tests for more than 200,000 inmates since testing began.

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